I am shocked and elated that it is summer! I knew it was coming but forgot how sweet it is…in the first few days everyone has calmed down and enjoyed the season.  The kids are relaxed and I barely have a pulse.  As we slow down for a minute, I have started thinking about a few things around my home, in particular, things outdoors.

First up is a classic, timeless design….the Jeep Wagoneer.  Now, I drive an ordinary car SUV and don’t think too much about it until one day I spotted a Jeep Wagoneer.  How much FUN would this car be! I am hooked but my husband reminds me it would make a great second car, in other words a maintenance nightmare.

Aerin Lauder makes this one look fantastic.

Love all the tartan plaids and wicker baskets…picturesque.

The navy one would be my choice with tan leather seats…circa 1988

Besides my car, my thoughts focus on our vegetable garden or I might say tomato garden. We mainly plant tomatoes with a few peppers plants, eggplants, and herbs.

We planted six varieties of tomatoes this year ranging from heirloom to small purply cherry tomatoes.  This is our fourth year to order all our plants from here and have had great success from this small business.

Here are our remaining tomatoes from last year that we went out and picked right before the first frost in November.

 We are hoping for similar success this year.
How are the first few days of your summer?  I will be back with some photos of recent projects…I apologize for the long delay.
Cheers, Missy