Vignettes in design are an artfully arranged space that enhances the room.  A great vignette is achieved through various shapes and textures all in perfect proportion to one another.  In fact, the more textures the better.  On Pinterest, I have been running into some fantastic vignettes, some new to me and some classic ones published years ago.

Here are some of my favorites:

The combination of the wicker baskets, the iron lantern, the different grains of wood, the green plants, and the glass terrariums all give this nook an interesting dimension.  It remains a casual space yet inviting.

Phebe Howard keeps this space cozy with a sophisticated flair.

The books placed on the table and underneath on the stools tie the space together.  The oversized lamps give the vignette a unique style.

The modernity of the gem lamp and extra tall stack of books artfully plays off the religious painting in the background.  The mirror unites the space, and it is a perfect choice for this spot.  A painting or set of prints would not have the same effect here.

Here is another mirror that unites a variety of objects.  I love the stools tucked under the table and the bust perfectly placed on the table.

Here is another table with a single stool tucked underneath containing a stack of books.  The teal color of the stool is a great choice to balance the bright painting.

Vignettes do not have to be complicated, this simple urn placed on a bar table adds the right height and dimension to give this space the interest needed.

Lastly, this entrance is beautifully styled.  Thanks to the photographer’s perspective the room appears as a perfect vignette.  Your eye glides across the space as all the interesting objects and textures holds your attention.

Vignettes are great fun to form as you are able to pull so many unique objects together.  Send me some links to some of your favorites….

Cheers, Missy

*All images from my Pinterest page