Since I mentioned the library ladder in my last post, let’s expand on the topic.  When most people think of library ladders, they envision a space similar to the Trinity Library in Dublin, Ireland.  Most people think library ladders can only be in a vast space with really high or vaulted ceilings.  I am here to encourage you that ladders look great in a variety of spaces, specifically kitchens.

Library ladders add dimension to your space, and they are not only functional but also have perfect proportions.

This library ladders gives a strong vertical presence giving weight to the corner of the living room.  Bookcases are the obvious choice for the library ladder, but the high upper cabinets in the kitchen or butler’s pantry is a close contender for placement.

The ladder in this kitchen adds to the warm patina of the wood and simply gives the space more charm.  The hardware combined with the slight bend in the ladder creates a detailed yet understated space.  The vertical nature of the ladder and the french doors makes you focus on the height of the ceiling rather than the narrow galley space.  This space is a great product of form and function.

Similar to the previous photo, this kitchen has glass front cabinets and a narrow galley.  However, the ladder creates a cool silhouette as it pops against the white cabinets and walls.

The custom ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  This ladder is thinner and narrows at the top which gives it a more sculptural quality.

Warmth is a word I use over and over when discussing a room.  With all the different materials used in this kitchen, the wood elements of the library ladder, the island countertop and the hardwood floors bring the warmth needed to this large kitchen.

Remember a ladder can just be a ladder, ordinary and simple in construction.  When you add a ladder to your interior it needs a purpose.  While the open shelving in this kitchen is filled with fantastic service pieces, the ladder reminds me of a step stool.  The ladder does not have the hardware attached to it which defeats the purpose.  This space reveals that details make the difference.

What do you think, add a rolling ladder to your space or just grab a step stool from the closet?

Cheers, Missy