I have been absorbed in a book this week in my free time forgoing my blog for “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain.  The book unfolds a love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley which is set in the Jazz Age in Paris.  It captures the fast-living lifestyle and includes all the literary greats of the time…the best part though is the story’s narrator is Hadley and not Hemingway.  I highly recommend the book.

As I stayed up late reading in bed trying to carefully balance my iphone to serve as my reading light on my hardback copy of my book, I began thinking about how a digital reader might be easier.  While this statement hurts to admit out loud, I feel like I am one of the last to accept the shift in the publishing world.  While the digital devices have tried to capture the experience of turning a page or writing in the margin, is it really the same? I am tactile person and turning a page and holding the book makes a difference to me.  I can certainly change and accept new technology but why change when you have a good thing going?

My interiors folder is always full of images that includes bookcases stuffed with books.  Bookcases add depth and warmth to a room and these images remind me tonight that books are such a great thing…not that I really needed reminding.

This book case in Minnie Mortimer’s home is perfectly styled with vintage books.

The bookcase serves as the main focus and anchors this living room, and I love the extra piles of books in front on the table and stools.

This desk area is an ideal space for me to work, and the only thing missing is the library ladder.  A library ladder might be at the top of my list of things I desire…

Charlotte Moss did not forget the library ladder in her incredible office.

So many rooms in your home can serve as a spot for a bookcase.

The dining room turned library.

The hallway becoming a reading nook.

The bedroom….

And of course a classic library.

Lastly, a Bobby McAlpine home in Montgomery (same home as my first post on the kitchen) shows off a design savvy one in the den.

Tell me, digital or paper?

Cheers, Missy