I adore a good plaid, from a scarf to a blanket they define winter.  At the first cool breeze, I usually will have a plaid scarf around my neck.  Plaids now come in a slew of colors, materials and sizes.  Burberry and Pendleton are two companies that have reinvented the tartan over the years, coming out with creative ideas that update the traditional textile.  Commonly called tartans, the pattern’s simplicity of cross hatchings adds just enough warmth to the wintry weather.

Love the two plaids mixed together in this stylish outfit.  The pop of orange in the skirt is not bad either.  Her blog, Atlantic-Pacific, is her daily fashion diary.

Here’s a closeup and I’m loving the combination.

This simple two color plaid adds the right punch to this festive holiday sitting room.

Using a plaid blanket as a tablecloth creates a rustic tone that can be used indoors or out.

This must be the interior of a barn or tack room and the upholstered tartan chairs are great looking in this setting.

Having a plaid blanket at the end of your bed adds another texture to your bedroom.

I enjoy how this one ties all the colors together in the room while introducing a new color as well, creating the true focal point of the room.

Plaids are a festive addition to your holiday attire and home.  I will be donning my plaid this holiday season, will you?

Cheers, Missy