When I discovered the work of Maysey Craddock in 2001, I knew I was going to be a lifelong admirer.  Art is a subjective field, and it is personal.  The owner has to be struck by the piece as art evokes personal emotions.  You are going to have a daily interaction with the work, so love the one you pick.  For me, there has to be a pull that continues to spark my interest.  Maysey’s work has a piece of her soul in every creation.  She is passionate and it is evident from her brush strokes to her content.  In her last exhibit at the David Lusk Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee she was impacted by the devastation in New Orleans from the recent natural disasters.  She received her BA in Fine Arts from Newcomb College at Tulane University.  Anyone who has an extended stay in New Orleans leaves a part of themselves there and takes a piece of the Big Easy with them. It is a powerful city, and the recent devastation impacts her art.

Maysey meticulously sewed all of the bags she found together to form her canvas.  As she found each bag, she stripped them of their advertisement and returned them to their natural state.  Mended Territories has several layers of meaning but reveals the lasting impact of disaster and the efforts of the citizens to restore the area.

Mended Territories, 2010 gouache and thread on found paper, 52.5 x 38 inches

Works in progress hanging in her studio

Natural Course show the power of Nature against the efforts of man.  All the intricate meanders through the canvas remind me of a topographical map saturated with ink.

Natural Course, 2010 gouache and thread on found paper, 38 x 55.5 inches

The last image captures her inspiration wall that includes everything from small projects to found objects. I had the privilege to go to Masyey’s studio and view her paintings before her show.  It was such a fun event, and I was thrilled to have a peak into her private world.

Maysey's Studio

Maysey Craddock is a gem in the city of Memphis, and I cannot wait to see where life continues to lead her in her creations.

Cheers, Missy

*All the images taken from either Maysey’s or David Lusk Gallery